We Can Watch Our Communities Grow Together

General Overview.

Government agencies and non-profit organizations are learning how they can qualify and take part in the OAAT PEP Program daily! The PEP Program allows non-profit organizations and government agencies to take advantage of the many outdoor faces that are available each month across the state. In turn, this provides the outdoor operators with vinyl and paper to keep those open faces looking good to the driving public and keeping our industry in top condition. Positive messages in our communities go a long way and the support of our member outdoor companies is appreciated and recognized.

How does an organization qualify?

The Outdoor Advertising Association of Texas (OAAT) considers the support of civic, charitable and governmental projects necessary for local communities to develop and grow. The OAAT donates time and space to qualified organizations throughout the state valued at thousands of dollars. Most importantly, the OAAT public education program exemplifies the desire of the outdoor advertising industry to be a good community partner. In order to qualify for statewide public service space, an organization must:

  • Be a non-profit organization
  • Be a charitable, civic or a governmental entity
  • Do not purchase advertising in any other media format (TV, radio, other print space) exclusive of production costs or other related Public Education (PSA) fees
  • Provide service in Texas statewide

What happens once an organization qualifies?

Acceptance depends on billboard space availability among our membership and meeting the above qualifications. Public service advertising space shall be provided by the OAAT member companies at no cost to your organization, except for applicable posting and production costs that will be finalized on an OAAT contract prior to printing & posting. During the campaign you will be provided with updates as to the locations and details of your billboards. Upon completion of the campaign, the OAAT will provide a completion report including proof of purchase location lists, photographs and a summary of the approximate retail value of the program.

All designs are subject to content approval by the OAAT. Outdoor space is donated on a space available basis; therefore, we cannot allow you to choose targeted areas and/or exact street locations. However, you may choose from most any markets throughout the state for a local, regional or statewide campaign. Each public education poster/bulletin will normally be displayed for a reasonable period of time; however, the OAAT reserves the right to shorten or to extend this time without prior notice. OAAT makes a commitment to all Public Education clients to deliver a value of 3:1 based upon your investment. All payments are to be paid in advance of services provided.

All artwork should include the following: This space donated by the Outdoor Advertising Association of Texas.

An organization may qualify for this program by contacting: